NCPTW Awards

Maxwell Award

At the 1997 NCPTW in Lexington, KY, Ron Maxwell received a plaque from the conference organizers in recognition of his leadership in the organization. Twila Yates Papay of Rollins College received similar recognition at the 1998 NCPTW in Plattsburgh, NY. Maxwell’s endowment ensured that such recognition would continue, and the NCPTW board insisted that the award bear the Maxwell name.

The NCPTW Ron Maxwell Leadership Award is given annually to a professional in the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing organization who has contributed with distinction to undergraduate student development through promoting collaborative learning among peer tutors in writing. The award recognizes an individual for dedication to and leadership in collaborative learning within writing centers, for aiding students in taking on more responsibility together for their learning, and thus for promoting the work of peer tutors. Its presentation also denotes extraordinary service to the evolution of this conference organization.

Such leadership may be demonstrated in a variety of ways, including but not limited to

  • Building a record of bringing peer tutors to present at the conference
  • Giving service to the NCPTW through hosting the Conference, serving as program chair, leading in the search for future sites, etc.
  • Fostering leadership skills among peer tutors
  • Showing evidence of leadership in collaborative learning on the home campus
  • Developing innovative peer tutoring programs in the home community
  • In general, welcoming and meeting new challenges in leading a center guided by a collaborative learning philosophy

While other aspects of a candidate’s professional performance-e.g., work with professional tutors, writing center research and publication-are respected by the NCPTW and are surely interrelated, this award is intended to recognize meritorious work in an area too little acknowledged.

An awards committee consisting of past award recipients reviews nominations and chooses an annual recipient. A plaque and a $200 cash prize are funded by the Maxwell family.

Current and Past Maxwell Award Recipients

Nomination Procedures:

Send nominations to Jon Olson via email, fax (814) 863-9627, or a letter addressed to Maxwell Award, Penn State Learning, 206 Boucke Building, Penn State University, University Park, PA 16802-5900. Call Jon at (814) 865-6383 for more information. Please provide the nominee’s name, title, affiliation, postal address, email address, and phone number.

The call for nominations for the Maxwell Award extends to both professional colleagues of the nominees and to peer tutors. Support the nomination with as much persuasive evidence as time permits, knowing the importance of helping your nominee stand out among other deserving nominees.

Deadline: August 31 of each year.

Student Grants and Awards

Burkean Parlor Grants

This grant supports tutors who are making significant contributions to the local, regional, or (inter)national scholarly conversation about peer tutoring through their daily practices and reflections on that practice; through mentoring and/or administrative duties in their home writing centers; through presentations at conferences or elsewhere; through research and publication; or in other ways. In their application letters, applicants for a Burkean Parlor Grant must address how they are contributing to the conversation about peer tutoring. Grants of up to $500 will be awarded in this category. Lower amounts may be awarded based on the applicant pool and availability of funds.

La Beca Grants

This grant supports tutors who are contributing in significant ways to writing center pedagogy and theory and are from institutions that are typically underrepresented at NCPTW conferences, including historically black, Hispanic-serving, or tribal colleges and universities; secondary schools and two-year colleges; and schools for the blind or deaf. The grant may also support tutors traveling to the conference from outside the U.S. and tutors from historically underrepresented groups, including LGBTQ tutors, tutors with a disability, and tutors who self-identify with one or more of the following races/ethnicities: American Indian or Alaskan Native; Asian; Black or African American; Mexican American, Puerto Rican, other Latino/a; Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. The purpose of this grant is to facilitate the inclusion of a range of diverse voices and perspectives at our conference, and to support the travel of tutors who might not otherwise be able to attend. Applicants must indicate their eligibility on the application form to be considered for this grant. Grants of up to $500 will be awarded in this category. Lower amounts may be awarded based on the applicant pool and availability of funds.

Registration & Grub Grants

These smaller grants cover the cost of registration with a little left over for a nice dinner during the conference. All applicants who are not selected for one of the larger grants will become eligible for one of the R&G Grants. Applicants may not apply directly for a Registration & Grub grant.

2017 Student Grant and Awards Winners

Special thanks to the 2017 Student Grants and Awards Selection Committee

Christopher Ervin, Chair
Logan Clem
Addie Gill
Amanda Hua
Elizabeth Kovalchuk
Maddi Lynch
Erin McGrody
Kiley Miller
Lizbett Tinoco