Steering Committee

The NCPTW Steering Committee is made up of individuals who attended the business meeting at the most recent NCPTW conference. The committee is responsible for voting on conference and financial decisions and ensuring the future continuation of the conference. If you wish to become involved with the Steering Committee or if you are interested in hosting a future conference, please contact Brian Fallon at brian_fallon [at]

Kathy Block
University of Manitoba

Tom Brandt
Berkeley Prep

Kathy Shine Cain
Merrimack College

Julie Christoph
University of Puget Sound

Vicki Dawson
University of Michigan-Flint

Lauri Dietz
DePaul University

Michele Eodice
University of Oklahoma

Chris Ervin
Western Kentucky University

Brian Fallon
Fashion Institute of Technology

Clint Gardner
Salt Lake Community College

Paula Gillespie
Florida International University

Paula Harrington
Colby College

Joyce Hicks
Valparaiso University

Andrew Jeter
Niles West High School

Patrick Johnson
Grand Valley State University

Harvey Kail
University of Maine

Rachel Kalayjian
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Zoe Kumagai
University of Michigan

Josh Kim
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Caroline Ledeboer
Upper Iowa University

Andrea Malouf
Salt Lake Community College

Lora Mendenhall
Valparaiso University

Drake Misek
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Millie Mo
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Jamie Nadel
University of Michigan

Liliana Naydan
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Jon Olson
Penn State University

Andy Peters
University of Michigan

Ben Rafoth
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Jan Robertson
Bronx Community College

Leigh Ryan
University of Maryland

Yelin Zhao
Valparaiso University

Lisa Zimmerelli
Loyola University Maryland

Updated June 13, 2014

NCPTW Board of Trustees

Julie Christoph, President

Andrea Efthymiou, Executive Vice President

Ben Rafoth, Secretary

Brian Fallon, Treasurer

Past Presidents

Clint Gardner (2015-2016)